About us


Every day, the REDSUN team works side by side with bubble tea and restaurant owners all over the world to create outstanding sales.  By collaborating with businesses to bring about success, we have accelerated the growth of close ties with the developing market. Facing numerous challenges from the Food and Beverages industry, REDSUN makes education and improvement a priority for our products to meet the demands of your customers.
We will be sharing with you the essence of what we have learned from the market, and this will be fundamental to the success of your current and future business. 
“REDSUN Food Trends Tracking Team” will reflect the current market in the Food & Beverage industry and help you observe future trends, also gain perspective on how your customers make their purchase decisions.
Our goal is to help you understand your customers, this is the foundation to every business success. Our focus will be on your customers and what they seek in a product: quality, value, and health benefits.
We assist tea shops all over the world prepare the finest drinks for their customers, and also make sure they come back for more!   We will be providing all necessary materials, and make sure your time is spent only where it is needed.  What’s more, we inspire our clients with the newest ideas for good taste, surprise your customers with an endless creativity to satisfy those taste buds!


We Know How to Make it Just Right
We are fully experienced in the tea industry, and have hundreds of tea, ice, and dessert products in our line to support our clients. REDSUN works closely with businesses large and small all over the world: private restaurants, large chain tea brands, and catering services.  We know how to strike the perfect balance for your customers to be satisfied while you reap the profits. There’s an easy way to do it, and we will show you how. 

Good Taste & Professional Service, Ready to Go!
As a member of REDSUN, we have a deep understanding of your customers. We will be using our expertise to aid chefs and suppliers in facing the ever-changing needs of their customers.  Our tea experts will find the sweet balance for taste and nutritious value, while maintaining the high quality of our food products. Through the expansion of sales across regions, the fine taste of good tea is promoted to all parts of the world.
Our integrated services make Taiwanese milk tea materials readily available.
We are the one stop shop for opening bubble tea shops in any country, apart from providing general bubble milk tea materials, our professional services will cater to your every need. REDSUN has a team of expert tea consultants to help you with the management, branding, spacial arrangement, education, raw materials, and training of your business. This is all to make sure that your business is well supported and reaches sale success with the least amount of effort required.
Inviting a Better Tomorrow
While providing the best materials for authentic Taiwanese milk tea,  we are also concerned about how our productions impact the environment. Putting our environmental friendly values to practice, we use recyclable goods and packaging material with the aim to reduce waste and energy consumption.
Trust us with the task of satisfying your customers, worry not, because our food material is of the highest quality.